Technical Information

Requirements and Limitations: 

WriteNow is a Hyperlinked PDF that allows for super-fast and convenient navigation. Please get used to using this and have a look at our tutorials to support your use of our product.

This product is not a standalone app and will require you to download a PDF annotation app. This will enable all the fabulous features that we have built into the planner to shine. Our personal favourite is Goodnotes (IOS only - free basic version is great to get you started!) and currently our set-up and tutorial based content is centred around Goodnotes. However, many other great apps exist - Notability and Noteshelf for IOS and NoteShelf and Foxit PDf for Android - being among the best. (*Kilonotes app currently does not support external links, so it is not recommended for use with this planner; One Note is not supported either). Whichever app you choose; we’re sure your WriteNow Planner is about to improve your teacher life!

The WriteNow Teacher Planner is a PDF template so it can't sync to your Google calendar or Apple calendar directly but we have integrated links that will allow you to open -in one click- the corresponding scheduling window in Google or Apple calendar app for that date - such a time saver! See our calendar feature in real time on our tutorial videos.

If you will be using an ‘Apple’ product, take the time to check out our instructions (found on the cover page) for setting up the Apple Calendar integration (this will require you to install our own bespoke ‘Shortcut’) – it is super simple and is worth doing before you start. You can find helpful videos for this and other tips on our tutorial videos.

Google Calendar app and GMail account are required to receive notifications on various devices if you use the version with links to Google Calendar. No set up is required just ensure you are logged into both accounts on the device you are using.

Important for ANDROID and other OS devices:

The WriteNow Teacher planner has been built for most tablets but was tested and trialled on an Apple Ipad. The videos seen in promotional content is of an iPad and exact replication of features cannot be guaranteed. However, the WriteNow planner will still work to save you time and hassle – use the app Noteshelf (or Foxit PDF for free basic features) to ensure you have access to our excellent features.